Pella Showcase

Submitted by Greg Andersen

Paul & Linda Tremblay arrived at the West Springfield showroom with some architecturally drawn ideas in hand for their family room addition. Although they were happy with most of what was drawn, they needed help with a bow window. Wayne Pearson and Joe Reed worked together to assemble one of the largest bow windows to go through our shop in quite sometime.

The Tremblays were familiar with Pella products from previous purchases years ago. Designer Series with shades were a requirement. After tossing ideas around in a series of visits to the showroom, the Tremblays decided on the 6 wide, 14 ft. Designer Bow Window with Architect Series ILT transom units above. Before placing the order I was in contact with Wayne Pearson, our favorite Bow/Bay builder, to make sure this was all feasible. He assured me that it could be done, but would need a small army to move it. The estimated weight was about 850lbs.

The jobsite delivery went smoothly. Chris Jones (Pella driver) and the contractor, Letourneau Builders, were able to off-load this monster to the ground successfully. Letourneau Builders, from Enfield, CT. told me that they had to borrow a flatbed truck from their lumber yard to move the unit into place. They dug trenches in front of the window opening for the tires of the truck to ride in, deep enough to make the bed of the truck even with the rough opening in the wall. This way they could pull up to the side of the building and slide the bow window straight into the opening without lifting.

Even though this window is held in place with nailing fins, masonry clips, and 5 cable systems, there will be 3 concrete piers poured to support the unit as well. The contractor stated to me that he has built well over 300 homes and has never seen, never mind installed, a window as large and heavy as this one!